KNOW Your Puppy Contract

 Gunter Cavaliers Puppy Sale Contract
Care of Puppy Buyer must register the puppy within 30 days. A microchip has been implanted and must be followed up with enrollment into AKC Lost and Found. Buyer will provide all necessary ve care, license, and tag the puppy in the city where the puppy will reside. If the puppy becomes sick or injured, buyer will seek out timely medical care. Failure to do so is against the law. Buyer agrees to provide necessary food and have water available at all times. Buyer agrees to provide shelter against extreme heat and cold. Buyer understands and agrees that cavaliers are an indoor breed. For the puppies own safety and to help facilitate with housebreaking, please contain the puppy in either a create or exercise pen and do not allow the puppy to free roam the house unless under constant supervision until housebroken. Obedience classes are highly recommended. Never leave your puppy tied up unattended. It is illegal to keep a dog tied up for extended period of time. (Statewide laws 2006, California Health and Safety Code, Division 105, part 6, Chapter 8. Dog Tethering) Puppies are accident prone. Please take great care to protect your cavalier from accidental death, drowning, heat stroke, poisoning, hypoglycemic attack, being lost, or stolen.
Spay/Neuter Your puppy is sold as a pet only on spay/neuter contract with limited AKC registration papers. Buyer understands AKC Limited registration papers prevents AKC from registering any puppies that are ever produced. Buyer agrees to wait until dog has finished growing and will not have this dog altered until a minimum of 12 months in order to avoid adrenal and joint diseases later on in life. Buyer will take all necessary precautions to prevent irresponsible breeding and unplanned pregnancies until the dog has been altered. Breeders and conscientious vet recommendations are 14+ months. Full Registration for Breeding purposes is available with an added $500.00 fee. Full Registration purchase nullifies ONLY the Spay/Neuter section of contract 

Lifetime Return Policy Buyer firmly agrees that if, for any reason in the lifetime of the said dog, that they can no longer keep him/her in their possession, they will relinquish ownership back to the breeder no questions asked. This allows the breeder to maintain a continuous safety net for every puppy produced throughout their entire lifetime. Under absolutely no circumstances is the buyer to abandon the dog in any animal shelter, rescue group/organization, humane society, foster home or any other type of facility for rehoming. Buyer is to contact breeder immediately to arrange for the dog’s return to the breeder. If the dog is being returned outside the Southern California area, then buyer must ship the dog back to the breeder.
Health Guarantee Breeder states the puppy is healthy at the time of sale. Once the puppy is delivered to the buyer, the puppy is under buyer’s control. If the puppy is deemed to be “unfit” for sale within 3 business days by a vet; buyer has the option to return the puppy with AKC papers and vet report to breeder for full refund. The puppy is guaranteed for one year from the date of birth against life threatening congenital genetic defect. If the puppy develops a life threatening congenital genetic defect or dies as a result of such a defect within one year of age, you will receive a replacement puppy of equal value from the next litter produced. There are no cash refunds. You must provide breeder with a vet’s report stating the life-threatening defect the puppy was born with or died from. Breeder reserves the right to seek out a second opinion. Umbilical hernias, luxating patella, hip dysplasia, cryptorchidism, and eye issues are not considered life-threatening defects and not covered in this warranty. Breeder is not responsible for diarrhea, parasites, or kennel cough. These conditions commonly occur in puppies. All veterinary expenses are the buyer’s responsibility. Buyer understands that, while every effort has been made to produce a healthy puppy, MVD commonly occurs in this breed. Please maintain your puppy on Nujoint and Nuvet to maintain ongoing health. Health guarantee immediately becomes null and void if the puppy is not registered with AKC within 30 days of sale, re-vaccinated prior to 14 weeks or has been altered, bred, abused, or neglected.
This is a legal and binding contract under the state of California. Any legal matters regarding this contract shall be executed in a court of law in Kern County, California. All parties have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions of this contract and therefore sign below stating their agreement.
Breeder: Breanna Erikson/Gunter                            

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With the purchase of your  Cavalier puppy you will receive:

  • AKC New Puppy Kit &  Registration Application 
  • 1 Year Written Health Guarantee  
  • AKC Microchip Application
  • Puppy Start Up Kit
  • Puppy Health Record 
  • Nuvet Samples